Cajun Blackening Seasoning


Salt-Free, Medium Heat – 9 oz.

Our Cajun Blackening Seasoning gives you the authentic flavor of New Orleans you crave. This salt-free seasoning contains naturally gluten-free herbs and spices featuring oregano, garlic, thyme, basil and more. This way you can prepare meals at home that taste just as good as your favorite restaurant!

Whether in the kitchen or at your grill, this Cajun blend is great with any meat or seafood. Try it on eggs and in soup too!

And the best part … Our salt-free Cajun Blackening Seasoning supports a healthy lifestyle as it meets the FDA’s requirements to qualify as a salt-free food product. No fillers, No MSG, No preservatives or anti-caking agents are used.

Our family of seasonings use herbs and spices to provide you with intense flavors instead of just relying on heavy salt content. Try it in your kitchen or on the smoker or grill!

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